Our Team

Assaf Zaritsky

Principal Investigator

  • Postdoc, Danuser lab, UT Southwestern Medical Center

  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Tel Aviv University

  • M.Sc., Computer Science, BGU

  • B.Sc., Mathematics and Computer Science, BGU

Yuval Amit

M.Sc. student

  • B.Sc., Computer Science ​

Yuval is interested in how heterogeneous local non-linear dynamic events integrate in time and space to drive global emergent properties in a simple model of contractile gels.

Amos Zamir

M.Sc. student

  • B.Sc., Computer Science, BGU 

Amos is investigating intercellular information transfer during collective calcium signaling. He is using time-series analysis and machine learning to infer the different roles that single cells take in cell-cell communication.

Assaf Nahum

M.Sc. student

  • B.Sc., Software and Information Systems Engineering, BGU (direct M.Sc. track) 

Assaf is studying the interaction of cells with their microenvironment. He is developing new image analysis algorithms to quantify the spatiotemporal cell-ECM interactions and cell-ECM-cell interactions.

Katya Smoliansky 

M.Sc. student

  • B.Sc., Bioinformatics, BGU  

Katya is applying deep generative networks to image cell data to systematically infer protein localization networks.

Oron Barazani

M.Sc. student

  • B.Sc., Biomedical Engineering, BGU

Oron is applying image analysis and machine learning to investigate myoblast differentiation and fusion.

Tom Levin

Undergraduate research

  • Biomedical Engineering, BGU (graduation 2019)

Tom is developing image analysis software to quantify the propagation of collective cell death.

Chen Galed

Undergraduate research

  • Software and Information Systems Engineering, BGU (graduation 2021)

Chen is using agent-based simulations to propose new mechanisms of collective cell death.

Yishaia Zabary

Undergraduate research

  • Software and Information Systems Engineering, BGU (graduation 2020)

Yishaia is developing computational methods to study platelet spreading.