Selected publications

Zaritsky A. Sharing and reusing cell image data. Molecular Biology of the Cell 2018; 29(11) 1274-1280. DOI: (Invited Perspective)

Zaritsky A*, Tseng Y*, Rabadán MÁ, Overholtzer M, Danuser G, Hall A. Diverse roles of guanine nucleotide exchange factors in regulating collective cell migration. Journal of Cell Biology 2017; 216(6). DOI:

Zaritsky A, Obolski U, Gan Z, Reis CR, Kadlecova Z, Du Y, Schmid S, Danuser G. Decoupling global biases and local interactions between cell biological variables. eLife 2017; 10.7554/eLife.22323. DOI:

Zaritsky A. Cell biologists should specialize, not hybridize. Nature 2016; 535(7612):325. DOI: (World View column)

Zaritsky A§, Welf ES, Tseng Y, Rabadán MÁ, Serra-Picamal X, Trepat X, Danuser G§. Seeds of locally aligned motion and stress coordinate collective cell migration. Biophysical Journal 2015; 109.12: 2492-2500. DOI: (highlighted article)

Ziv O*, Zaritsky A*, Yaffe Y*, Edri R, Mutukula N, Elkabetz Y. Quantitative live imaging of human embryonic stem cell derived neural rosettes reveals structure-function dynamics coupled to cortical development. PLoS Computational Biology 2015; 11(10). DOI:

Zaritsky A, Kaplan D, Hecht I, Natan S, Wolf L, Ben-Jacob E, Gov SN, Tsarfaty I. Propagating waves of directionality and coordination orchestrate collective cell migration. PLoS Computational Biology 2014; 10(7). DOI:

Zaritsky A.*§, Andrew R. Jamieson*, Erik S. Welf*, Andres Nevarez*, Justin Cillay, Ugur Eskiocak, Brandi L. Cantarel, Gaudenz Danuser§. Interpretable deep learning of label-free live cell images uncovers functional hallmarks of highly-metastatic melanoma. biorxiv 2020. DOI: project was highlighted by The Scientist as "Image of the Day" in 2018 and 2019.

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