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Shakarchy A*, Zarfati G*, Hazak A, Mealem R, Huk K, Avinoam O§, Zaritsky A§. Machine learning inference of continuous single-cell state transitions during myoblast differentiation and fusion. Molecular Systems Biology 2024. DOI:

Ben David S*, Ho K.Y.L.*, Tanentzapf G§, Zaritsky A§. Formation of recurring transient Ca2+-based intercellular communities during Drosophila hematopoiesis. bioRxiv. DOI:

Rotem O, Schwartz T, Maor R, Tauber Y, Tsarfati Shapiro M, Meseguer M, Gilboa D, Seidman D.S., Zaritsky A. Visual interpretability of image-based classification models by generative latent space disentanglement applied to in vitro fertilization. bioRxiv. DOI:

Martella DA, Rose LA, Rouatbi N, Gu C, Caprettini V, Jensen M, Hagemann C, Serio A, Al-Jamal K, Parsons M, Bergholt M, Brennan P, Zaritsky A, Chiappini C. Nondestructive Spatial Lipidomics for Glioma Classification. bioRxiv. DOI:

Erlich I, Ben-Meir A, Har-Vardi I, Grifo JA, Zaritsky A. Solving the" right" problems for effective machine learning driven in vitro fertilization. medRxiv. DOI:

Nahum A, Koren Y, Ergaz B, Natan S, Miller G, Tamir Y, Goren S, Kolel A, Jagadeeshan S, Elkabets M, Lesman A,  Zaritsky A. Inference of long-range cell-cell force transmission from ECM remodeling fluctuations. Nature Communications Biology 2023. DOI:

Tzukerman N*, Rotem O*, Tsarfati Shapiro M, Maor R, Meseguer M, Gilboa D, Seidman D.S., Zaritsky A. Using Unlabeled Information of Embryo Siblings from the Same Cohort Cycle to Enhance In Vitro Fertilization Implantation Prediction. Advanced Science 2023. DOI:

Zamir A, Li G, Chase K, Moskovitch R, Sun B§, Zaritsky A§. Emergence of synchronized multicellular mechanosensing from spatiotemporal integration of heterogeneous single-cell information transfer. Cell Systems 2022. DOI:

Andrews B§, Chang J-B§, Collinson L§, Li D§, Lundberg E§, Mahamid J§, Manley S§, Mhlanga M§, Nakano A§, Schöneberg J§, Van Valen D§, Wu TC§, Zaritsky A§. Imaging cell biology. Nature Cell Biology 2022. DOI: (Viewpoint)

Zaritsky A.*§, Andrew R. Jamieson*, Erik S. Welf*, Andres Nevarez*, Justin Cillay, Ugur Eskiocak, Brandi L. Cantarel, Gaudenz Danuser§. Interpretable deep learning uncovers cellular properties in label-free live cell images that are predictive of highly metastatic melanoma. Cell Systems 2021. DOI: The article was featured on the cover and the project was highlighted by The Scientist as "Image of the Day" in 2018 and 2019.

Driscoll MK§ and Zaritsky A§. Data science in cell imaging. Journal of Cell Science 2021. DOI:

Riegman M, Sagie L, Galed C, Levin T, Steinberg N, Dixon SJ, Wiesner U, Bradbury MS, Niethammer P, Zaritsky A§, Overholtzer M§. Ferroptosis occurs through an osmotic mechanism and propagates independently of cell rupture. Nature Cell Biology 2020. DOI: 

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